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«The House of Lefkes»

A house that is always welcoming to its “guests”. It all began in 1994 and has since continuously evolved , keeping up with the times while still retaining its own style and character.

The House

«Meeting point…»

….Galatsi, Athens. The first step brings you into the courtyard, with the lush , green garden. The different cobblestone levels allow you to forget about the busy avenue which has led you here. The two tall elm trees in the heart of the courtyard are flanked by a large range of large and small local and exotic plants.

The dominant materials in this old house are wood and stone. The six rooms of the restaurant ( the two balconies, the cellar, the rooms: the housewife’s, the romantics’ and the music lovers’) give you the chance to explore all the special ornaments . The antiques, musical organs, old books from the bookcase and even more that “jump out” at you from all corners of the house, all especially chosen by the owners from their travels from all parts of Greece and the rest of the world.

The staff is polite, well informed and skillfully balance good professional service with the hospitality of a good host.


About Us

«The House of Lefkes»

The Food

«the Protagonist»

Dishes that show the artistry of Chef Tasos Ntoumas and his team. Choosing from the best produce according to the season and using their knowledge and love of cooking, they continue to provide creative dishes. The menu is updated frequently, as are the “today’s specials” which allow many different choices to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Recently a new corner has been created with the traditional wood fired oven. A modern but also traditional look at flavours, the CANTINA prepares freshly baked bread, homemade flatbread, old and new dishes such as Chicken Parnassou and Chicken nests…just have a look at this section of the menu!

If you feel it’s time to stay true to your diet, think again!!! The dessert menu is waiting to lure you into sinful pleasure with the many choices and flavours.

Summer Time

«the COCTEL bar»

Summertime and the COCTEL bar opens its shutters and dares you to try old and tried but also new cocktails to begin or accompany your culinary journey.

… Last but not least, a smile and a thought…food for thought…

… See you again soon!!!!!



Our Menu

The Chef and leader of our kitchen, Tasos Ntoumas will take you on a culinary journey of dishes which are traditional but with a modern twist.

The Kitchen is open:
Tuesday – Saturday 2.00p.m.-1.00a.m. and Sunday 1.30p.m.-12.00a.m.

Our meat is cooked on the charcoal grill and beef is cooked medium. Our potatoes (fries etc) are hand cut.




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Once upon a time an old mansion in Galatsi …
began welcoming back friends and all of the rooms got full with exquisite notes and smells..that lead on a magical journey of flavors ……

If you have questions or comments, please contact us in any way that is most convenient to you. Ask us. There is no doubt that we can answer you.

Call us: 21 0292 4458

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